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  • Agreed!! Is it a minefield but people seem scared of the tax man when actually they can be pretty nice lol and one quick phone call would sort it all out for them xx
    Lucy Jane ... hurry up and tell us how you are getting on .. you must have had that baba by noW!! Mahoosive hugs
    I hope you visit soon LJ. I want to know if you have had your wee one yet and to catch up. I've been thinking of you. xxx :hug:
    Hi there
    Fallen upon your profile - as you do! - and think I've found the cutest pet on the planet!!! Alfie is absolutely beautiful!! What breed of dog is he? He's adorable. Apoligies, this is a nail site but OMG!! xxxx

    I have read your predicament and I want to assure that showing a bit of authourity is good. When I am part of a team it really grates on my nerves when I want everything to be as the boss does but others don't care. I left my last job because the boss was not very strong and it was so uncomfortable to work in. If it is your salon, you are entitled to your way, if they don't like it - tough, lets be honest there are plenty of good therapists out there willing to step into their shoes and hopefully respect you as you so obviously deserve.

    HTH a tiny bit
    This is a bit random... But I am researching lash extensions and saw a post you put on a while back regarding xtreme... Just wondered if you did go with them in the end and how you've found their products... as I'm having a nightmare figuring out who to train with...
    Any advice would be most appreciated...
    Congratulations LJ ... I bet you are both thrilled :hug: You would look gorgeous in an old rag.. so I wouldnt go to too much expense for the short time you would need to wear the maternity uniforms... :)
    Oh how lovely. I haven't said a word to anyone as I didn't know if it was still secret. Looks like 2009 is gonna be your year kiddo and I'm thrilled for you. Big hugs and thanks for the rep. xxx
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