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  • Hello. Oh have you. Yeah pop in when your next passing, have a look around. You'll love it! Awww no, how come? You not coming? x
    Ah cool, I might give them a call then. Would certainly be OK for all those treatments; I guess probably book in for a manicure and a facial on the same day and get the patch test for the eye treatments done at the same time...
    Also, would they be OK with me being trans? I guess that might be a plus actually, as it would mean that the students would have experience of working with a more diverse range of clients?
    Hi Lucy

    That sounds cool about the college salon; are there any particular treatments they need people for? And how would I go about booking in?
    Oh wow what a co-incidence; you might even have served me in the past! Guess we both want to move into the beauty industry by the sound of it then, although my plan is to design and sell salon software...
    yeah comming along, but im sooo slow lol takes me allday to do 3/4 hands lol im hoping to send it in this week as ive nearly finished the cards. but spking to sum ppl on here, sum have sent one card off for feedback 1st. so not sure what 2 do?
    Did you get your voucher, I don't know if you know but you have to email them from the link in their website to get. x
    I understood it to mean when we receive our course, the ball starts rolling to send us our i think anytime now we should receive it...I'm going to get the natural nails, the nail tips, and a sterilizer definitely, and then i might buy some products that I can practise on my daughter lol (she doesn't know that yet )
    I nodded off twice, but that's because I'm so shattered not because it's boring!
    At this rate i'll need to order loads of replacement nails, I just want to keep practising !'re having about as much luck as i have been having ! Yes mine did turn up at work today, but luckily for me I was at work lol...i'm just watching the DVD, it goes on for ages, but is informative...good luck with yours ! XxxX
    yeah! lol, i was sadly made redundant at xmas from my area sales rep job. im with lots of agencys but its sooo quiet out there and not very many jobs available :-(. so im hoping to change my career. i want to go 2 a beauty academy too......
    luckily ive got a spare room to practise in otherwise i would be creating mess every where lol.
    ive been doing it for 1 1/2 weeks 9 til 6, still need lots of practise!. it can get frustrating when u first start but after a few attemps its great fun!. im really enjoying it. do u know when ur course is arriving?.
    You get everything in one box and the trainer in a separate box if you have ordered it. There is everything all the files, the liquid & powder the nails, tips, nail polish, wipes, sanitiser, everything!
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