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  • Hi Lucy i just saw your post and wanted to say im really glad things are on the up.. i've also not long become a single mum to 4 girls :) x
    Whoopee....was hoping that was the one. Thanks for the reply - hope your getting on well with your nail career xx
    Hi Lucy,
    I'm booked to do my Brisa conversion course next week and wondered if you could tell me what you get in the kit and what do I have to take with me
    Thank you. Tina x
    thanks for the picture comment. yes she has lovely hands and now nails thanks to me. lol. x
    I no i LOVE doing nails, my daughter it 13 so just starting to do nails, waxing ect now, i would practice all day if i had enough hands :) x
    hi thanks for the heart :) im a bit like yourself at the moment, i dont do alot so when i do (like today) i feel like im not very good, i really need practice but we will get there in the end x x
    Oo you're not I did a 'course' and been trying to learn ever since arghh nightmare - Stafford that's not far, yes Barton is down the road..
    I just want to get it right! Struggling tho xx
    I can relate to you - for me that feeling prob won't go! Ha ha...
    Whereabouts in Staffordshire are you? Only asking cos I'm in Burton.. Xx
    So glad for you that you got good constructive feedback on your nail critique. This site is such an amazing resource that we can all learn from every day. We are so lucky to have the best in the industry right here!
    Please don't feel disheartened, you are on an exciting journey and anything that is worth doing is going to be hard work! Confidence will come, we are just our own worst enemy when we want it to come quicker! I really hope you enjoy your CND course.:hug:
    Thank you for friends request, will keep you posted, anatomy at the moment!! Manicure on the 12th June...yeah, cannot wait to start practicals xx
    Hello! Thank you for your lovely comments about my work - I love Brisa and Shellac, and I'm sure you'll be thrilled with them both too. If ever you have any Shellac-related questions please feel free to get in touch - I am one of CND's Shellac Education Ambassadors, teaching Shellac and Minx courses local to me in Warwickshire xx
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