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    Thank you for the heart. Anne xx

    Ok the basics should be:

    Are you a qualified nurse or doctor?

    If a nurse are you a prescriber? (if not they MUST see a prescriber face to face, not over the phone as this is illegal and may make their insurance invalid)

    Is a 2 week follow up appointment included and a top up if necessary?

    And anything else she wishes to ask should be fine, its her face. My tip is to write a few bullet points down as she'll probably forget when she's there x

    Sorry I don't! have you asked anyone on the forum on here?! they may be able to help! x
    still no luck!!! still chipping wish i knew the trick to make it work!!! following all the instructions, been using the cuccio soak off range on myself & its great no lifting at all!!!
    hi i did it through college as im on a beauty course it was set as an enrichment could contact fake bake and see where their nearest training centre is sorry i couldnt help more hun

    Fake Bake
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    Hi there, just wanted to say why not blog your thread? Some threads started that should be blogs get left alone and others, like yours, seem to get closed. Still trying to work out why! I am sure a lot more people on here would like to read your comment! I am really pleased for you that things are getting sorted out. It feels wonderful when you finally 'get it'. xxx
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