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  • Happy New year. Just wanted some advice on extensions and how to prevent lifting. I don't get much, normally when i do my own nails and more on my right hand around the edges. Do i just need to prep more effectively and spend more time on prep?
    No, I haven't tried the shellac. I agree it's a fab idea in principle, but don't think it's something i want to get into.
    I'm Doing Fine. Still Doing nails for people, but left alnwick as its so quiet. Working full time for family busines aswell as doing nails for people. Trained to use Gel now and thinking about Minx or maybe starting some one to one. Self employed is best way, i'm sorry about not turning in on last day. Really did have flat tyre. All okay now we've bought house together and its in quiet area. Congratulations on Engagement, I read it on your post.
    Just recently decided to go ahead with a home salon, and saw your thread on yours! Have you done it? How's it going?
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