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  • Hi Lucy,
    Good luck with the training -you've made the right decision to become a nail tech. I retrained two years ago and it was the best decision I made. X
    Hi Lucy
    I hope you dont mind me messaging you but i came across a post about cnd costings per service i would be greatful if you could email me any information thank you
    Hi Lucy,
    I would love to have a look at your spead sheet idea
    Thank you so much and hope you don't mind. J xxx
    Thanks so much for the information. I have been looking at the CND brushes for a while - think I'll purchase one now and start practicing! Thanks again.

    Anna x

    I noticed that no one replied to your question about which brush to use to tidy up french and wondered which one you went for in the end as I was going to ask exactly the same thing! I've been using a basic brush which I think came in my college kit ages ago but the Kolinsy sable brushes are supposed to good but more expensive. Also did you get an angled one?

    thanks for your time

    I used to get my threading done at the Shavata Brow Bar in Harvey Nics Manchester, it was expensive but fab. It moved to House of Fraser though and the last time I went I was really disappointed especially as it was still expensive so looking for somewhere new too - will let you know if I find somewhere. Good luck with the move!
    Ah wish you did threading!! do you know anyone here who does it? I am mobile and do a few lashes from home to people I know as were renting and looking to move to swinton so dont have a beauty room as such more the dining room which has been taken over!! May have some business to pass to you when we move hun - although my client base is more manchester swinton way anyway!!x
    Im on park road!! .. think thats quite close actually!! what do you offer hun? You dont do threading do you?? Desperatley looking for someone to do mine! Thinking of training after xmas!x
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