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    Can anyone shed light on my skin issue!

    I would try using only natural products without harmful chemicals in for a while as something is definitely irritating you. A lot of skincare ranges and shampoos etc have some really harsh detergent like compounds in them. Good luck x
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    Best remover for Gelish?

    That’s really helpful, thank you. I was assuming it would be the other way around x
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    Best stripless wax?

    Perron Rigot waxes x
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    Lash lift and tint

    I use LashNV too with great results
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    Natural nail hard gel overlay

    Great video, thanks for posting [emoji4]
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    How long for UV gel polish?

    Usually an hour for me, sometimes less if the nails are in good condition. Don't worry thorough prep will ensure lasting results [emoji4]
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    Nail tech in training

    Hi c.mrsm I use my Opi LED lamp . I’d already invested in it, it’s the older style black metal one and I love it. It works fine with ibd x
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    Nail tech in training

    I use ibd just gel polish and opi gelcolor and love them both
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    Spray on French gel polish manicure

    Thank you [emoji106][emoji4]
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    Eyelash lift gone wrong!

    Agree with blossom [emoji106]
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    Lash lift course recommendations

    I use LashNV from Creative Beauty Group and find the results really good
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    Spray on French gel polish manicure

    Ah ok but I’m assuming they have put a gel top coat on for it to last three weeks ?
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    Spray on French gel polish manicure

    Just thought .. will it be a nightmare to remove ?[emoji15]
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    Spray on French gel polish manicure

    Oh thank you Trinity I’ll look it up. [emoji106]
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    IBX boost problem

    Not tried this yet but very interested as use Ibx and repair. I did read that you are meant to use in in conjunction with normal ibx treatment . Don’t know if you did this ? x