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    Brisa Gel-discontinued?

    Hi. I've been out of the nail business for a while now and am just starting to get back into it friend has just asked me to do her teenage daughters nails for her and after checking my kit, I found I was short on a few items. So went to S2 page to find out how much it's going to cost me and they...
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    Daylight lamps

    I have the Slimline Day Light lamp and although it cost more, I feel it is worth the price. I bought a cheaper daylight lamp before the slimline lamp and it really didn't come close to the one I have now, hence why I replaced it after a few months, it just didn't give me the light I needed.
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    Shellac price?

    I'm Bristol based and mobile, like yourself but I charge £25 for a basic Shellac Manicure, more for Spa Manicure ans Pedicure's. Anything less, I feel under values the Shellac product and my skills. Also, if your too cheap, you may attract clients which do not care for thier Manicure properly...
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    Brisa removal question

    Bump, anyone ?
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    Brisa removal question

    Hi Geeks, I am hoping someone can help me with a question I have. I have been using Brisa for over a year but had never removed a set before last night. I know Brisa is a buff off gel and is acetone resistant. My CND Brisa workbook from my training, said to remove Brisa, you should buff the...
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    Your RRP for Solar Oil Pinkies

    I retail mine at the RRP of £3.95, I feel to sell them lower than the RRP just under values the product. I also stoke the other larger bottles for retail and sell them all at their RRP. I give one pinki away with a new clients first shellac/enhancement appointment, which I factor the cost of...
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    Acrylics on a client with an allergy

    If your in any doubt about if these are in your products. Ring the product manfactor to double check. Better safe than sorry.
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    Shellac and fluff

    I used to get the dreaded fuzzys until I switched to the soft landings nail wipes which I get from S2. I found the handsdown plastic backed pads where a complete nightmare for fuzzys and I'd spend more time fishing them of the nails than I did polishing the Shellac.
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    Brisa problem

    I've had something like this before and it was the black dye rubbing off of the inside on the pocket on a new pair of jeans. As I was normally using my right hand i.e. to hold bags / umbrellas etc , I only had the marks on my left hand. It could be your client has done something similar without...
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    Can you give me any advice re: PCOS/Clomid?

    Hi I have PCOS and needed to have fertility treatment for my second child. I did get pregant after 3 and a half years of treatment. I was on Clomid AND Metformin. It's fair to much to put on here but Clomid alone was not enough for me. I also have IBS and it took a few trys before I could...
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    How do you pick your crystals up?

    I have the picker upper from nail delights as well. I used an orangewood stick and cocktail stick with blue tac in the past but the crystals kept dropping off before I got them where I wanted them. I would not be without my picker upper now I've used it :biggrin:
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    Glove or not to glove

    I only wear gloves when I want to protect my own shellac. If the Shellac is due to come off or I have nacked nails, then I don't use gloves. Even when I do use gloves, I only use them for the parts of a service which invole me using products containing actone as I find my hands get sweaty...
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    Client's weird comment

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    Shellac stands already on eBay!

    In all honesty, I dont think there is anything S2 can do about the people selling trade only products on eBay or other sites. I have thought about buying some items from eBay, so I can get the seller's return address and name, then passing those details and items on to S2 but I doubt that...
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    Comment by 'Lunarstorm' in media 'blue rockstar shellac'

    Really nice blue glitter, where did you get it from if that's ok to ask ?