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    Finish filing?

    I use a e-file for the debulking etc but always finish with a hand file x
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    Infected nail?

    It's hard to say, there is certainly some gunk. Unfortunately none of us would be able to tell you for sure due to not having medical training so if you are in doubt you are best popping to your GP. Xx
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    Saeyang k38 or Mini Cro

    I have a Saeyang k35 and love it. Can’t fault it. X
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    Which course for beginners, UK?

    I did the VTCT level 3 in Nail Technology course at a local beauty school part time. They also used advanced learner loans. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how in-depth it was xx
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    Nail station/room to rent advice needed

    Nice to see someone local to myself.. can’t help with the query myself but I’m in Dudley xxx
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    Glitterbells colour acrylic

    Blimey! It’s possible as it works as like a base coat sort of thing and gives added strength. I would definitely try that xx
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    Glitterbells colour acrylic

    I use Glitterbels as an entire system but I have found I have to use their dehydrator, primer, clear base, file and cap. I spend a lot of time on prep though so that might be it. How long does it take for the nails to pop off? Xx
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    Glitter brush

    I just use a good quality fan brush and I’m very happy with it.
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    Gel polish recommendations please

    I use Glitterbels and am so far very happy with them xx
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    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    I believe it’s so you don’t need to buff them over but I just do a tiny bit just for my own mind xx
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    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    I believe it’s so that you don’t need to buff them over. Although I always do a tiny bit xx
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    Best place for nail courses Newcastle upon Tyne

    I believe Nails by Annabel/ Glitterbels training is located by there and have heard good things about their training. Depends whether you are looking for an all inclusive training or separate. I did my level 3 on a part time basis at a beauty school in Birmingham which was brilliant x
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    Good nail tips that don’t curve down?

    I have recently purchased Glitterbels tips (all four kinds) and these definitely do not curve down. They are fabulous x
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    E files

    Yes serious damage to the nail plate. If used by in-trained hands they can be very risky.
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    New to acrylic and need help!

    I have also recently qualified and use Glitterbels. I love how easy it is to file and the colour range is wonderful. More importantly also long wearing! Xx