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    Online acrylic and gel nail course

    I am yes hun. I did a Level 3 in Nail Technology at a local beauty college. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I do think hands on it’s somewhat better but, as you say, there is the option of the hands on refresher course afterwards. I use both the glitterbels acrylic and gel polish system so I’m happy with...
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    Online acrylic and gel nail course

    Glitterbels is now offering online training hun xx
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    Superdrug nail technician

    Did you ever find out any information on this hun? Xx
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    CJP vs Glitterbels acrylic systems

    I can vouch for glitterbels as it’s my go to system for both acrylic’s and gel polish. I find them easy to work with. They have a great range of colours and glitterbels. On the other hand I hand heard positive things about CJP. Would it be worth ordering the starter kits and see if you click...
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    Which gel brand is the best?

    I use Glitterbels and think highly of them.
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    Gel polish brand recommendations?

    Glitterbels for me xx
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    Training advice

    It’s funny you say that as my hands shake quite badly, a lot worse when I first started, but I found they did begin to settle. A trick I used was keeping my elbow on the table when my hands were shaking badly. Somehow stabilised the hand. Also, tying a band around the thumb twisted from the...
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    Training advice

    I was very much the same, I wish I had done it at that stage but I suppose things happen for a reason. I didn’t do the level 2 I went straight into the level 3. I actually did it on an advanced learner loan which helped with finances massively. I went with the VTCT as I believe it is...
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    Training advice

    I am 34 and qualified in June. I did the VTCT level 3 in Nail Technology at a beauty school on a part time basis as I wanted to do a more detailed course. I absolutely loved it. With regards to charging after qualifying I charged a very reduced rate (just enough to cover my materials etc) in...
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    Hard gel top coat

    I use Glitterbels no wipe top coat on extensions. Hard as anything and very shiny. Xx
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    VTCT nails level 3?

    Hi hun, I did this course one day a week over six months. I loved every single second of it. It was very informative. I did find that you have to put a lot of work in at home but that was perfect for me. We learnt manicure, luxury manicure (using both masks and paraffin wax), pedicure, luxury...
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    Finish filing?

    I use a e-file for the debulking etc but always finish with a hand file x
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    Infected nail?

    It's hard to say, there is certainly some gunk. Unfortunately none of us would be able to tell you for sure due to not having medical training so if you are in doubt you are best popping to your GP. Xx
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    Saeyang k38 or Mini Cro

    I have a Saeyang k35 and love it. Can’t fault it. X
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    Which course for beginners, UK?

    I did the VTCT level 3 in Nail Technology course at a local beauty school part time. They also used advanced learner loans. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how in-depth it was xx