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  • Hi Lorraine thankyou :) I got the wall art from ebay they are just wall art stickers that i typed in the seach bit. Im not in that room anymore, i moved salons again this week lol. The new colour sceme is white and red xxx
    Thank you for the rep, sorry I haven't said thank you before but I have only just found out where the rep is.xx
    Thank you so much for comment on my salon picture! I love the little pamper me pillow as well, just wish someone would, lol
    thanks hun!
    Random question hear but me and my mate are trying to figure out we can change that horrid question mark as the picture lol xx
    thanks hun, would you say its best to buy the whole range or is there some main bits that can start you off?xx
    hey hun, iv just seen that you use dermalogica! i no every1 has heard of it but was just wondering if it really is as good as every1 says? im intereseted in taking it on for my facial range on my private clients at home? hope ya ok? xx
    thanks for the comments doll :) I would actually recommend that you train wih a company that best resembles your personal style and has similar beliefs, my exception is finding a company that teaches you the science behind the technology as well ;)
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