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  • Just read your thread and wanted to wish you congratulations. I must have missed your announcement. Anyways, I hope you resolve the dental problems. :hug: x
    I've only just seen your thread today, im so sorry for your loss hub gentle hugs coming your way. Just take each day at a time xxx
    Hi lush, all good here, you! I havnt ad a chance to use the new tan yet, m day on thurs had the 12% in the end. May try myself this wk end have got a lady booked in Monday though! Hav you tried it?x
    Hi lush hope your keeping well, I read that you were looming for a darker spray, had a post from my supplier today through Facebook and they are brining out a darker shade later this year! X
    Hi lush lash
    I'm newish to the site and just sending a message about Facebook, how did you start your fb profile page what kind of stuff did you put on it?
    Em xx
    Hello again,
    Thanks for responding.... The only reason I was drawn towards the T200 was because my tanner used it and swore by it. She is not doing it in my area anymore so when I asked her which machine to go for she was a little... let me say not forthcoming with info so i purchased it anyway which now after becoming a geek really feel it was in haste! (I am rather impulsive sometimes & and usually want everything like now!! hehe Anyway the machine is on back order so i've not actually received it. Now i'm thinking of cancelling as ive read loads on here about this new Ts50 and want that one!!! My course is on tuesday and really wanna get practicing asap, to which the old man is gonna be the first to endure!! ( Think hes secretly excited about this though!!) The only prob i have now, is that im not sure the company is gonna give me a refund as they have had to order it in for me directly from sienna...... What do you think they will do?? Also personally I like to look reasonably dark, there are so many different solutions out here, which until u want to start doing this yourself you don't realize.... In your experience what ones do you & your clientele find the best?? So Confused its untrue!

    Thanks Again xx
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