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    Is Kim Lawless training worth doing?

    Are you using hot or strip wax? I would love to get to this level - obviously it has taken years but do you have any wisdom you could share? x
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    Waxing course advice

    Hello, I am L2 VTCT qualified and absolutely love everything beauty related and done multiple training courses but i'm not working in beauty at the moment (always in and out due to finances and being scared to leave a stable job to pursue my dream!) I want to get back into it again and have...
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    Eyelash extensions help

    Just use the remover gel works in a few seconds and wipe clean. Someone already said with practice and time you won't need to do this so don't worry keep going x
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    Lashes sticking together

    Hi It is very different and takes time to get used to that's for sure. I would stick with a medium glue for now, get used to technique before moving onto an ultra glue. With all clients make sure the lashes are clean, and dry. Combing before the start of application helps. A full set should...
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    Where do I stand with this?

    Sticky! Maybe ask for some pictures or video of what she's dealing with. This will allow you to seduced if your colleague is able to help or not. Is she well informed of her aftercare treatment? A lot of people don't bother with it and it's important!! Good luck I hope it's something of...
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    Treatment menu or price list

    Mix the two together - treatment list...?
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    Name change - feedback please

    hi all, I have taken the plunge and started studying part time beauty. So am looking to change me name as I will be doing more than just lashes very soon. And I will be selling cruelty free make-up and cosmetics. The options I have are: True Beauty (my initials) Trudy Rose (my name) What...
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    Lower lashes getting stuck!

    Try using tape on the upper lid to pull it higher (as you would with hooded eyelids) see if that stops her being so tense. Also explain being tense make the treatment harder for you and to relax they are in good hands etc. As for bottom lashes. When she is having a break recommend a lash serum...
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    Career/business advice

    Hi all. I work full time in a job that gives me no satisfaction. . . I want out!! I've always been interested in beauty therapy and qualified in eye lashes and hair extensions. And only do friends and family so far. I want to start my NVQ2 at the London school of beauty and makeup- but I'm...
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    East London Beauty Academy

    Hiya, I've looked previously - it's very expensive and the course is very long for the amount of modules covered. I work full time and unfortunately I do not have the luxury in going part time. I wish it were different. So frustrating- it puts me off. Hence why I have delayed committing to...
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    East London Beauty Academy

    Thanks - I will have a look as in still searching for the right course. I found a level 2 I would love to do at Omni in Walton on Thames but it's a slog of a drive from Camden!! [emoji30]
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    East London Beauty Academy

    Hi Alpenrose, that is very good to know, thank you for being honest. I was just looking at their website ( I have now closed the tab!) would you happen to know anywhere in London that is reputable? Thanks is advance LLL
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    Salon logos etc?

    Agreed! I used Ebay before and only paid £20-£25 for someone to do a few drawings and they were happy enough to tweek the design until I was happy. Well worth the money. you could even send them your ideas to work from.