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  • Hi have you found anyone to do ur nails yet? i am based in edinburgh but would be willing to help you out ;-) my website is Its All About You - Home

    Hiya, yes the glam lash version is lying on the bed with eyes closed etc. We weren't shown how to do this sitting up with eyes partly open. They also didn't go over the criss cross technique which AH Francis and Blink and go do. I am pretty sure AH Francis don't do the sitting up open eye technique either. Think it is only Nouveau that do that.
    Hope that helps hun xx
    Hey! Are you still looking for someone to do your glam lash's! Im in edinburgh but trained in glam lash. I only have the curl I got in my kit though, havnt shelled out for anything else! x
    Thank you very much Loubylou, i knew as soon as i had the tan done on the day that it was not the normal colour i usually go after a spraytan, i have an olive skin tone and within an hour or so, i was already going orange! Even the smell of the product was horrible! Was also told that on the day if i didnt purchase the sunlabs solution, that my certificate would pretty much be useless!!!
    God bless Salon Geek, thats all i can say!
    Was just so dissapointed that they were blaiming my technique straight away and wouldnt even consider that the colour just isnt right, they were saying they had phoned the chemist at sun labs down south and in USA and they assured them that there was no way that i or anyone else was orange! To be honest the training wasnt what i expected anyway, the trainer was getting stroppy with us if we made a mistake we got shown once how to apply the tan ect and was more about selling you the product the whole day!

    Well i supose you learn from your mistakes, and i certainly will not be using them for any further courses!

    Thanks again!
    Hi Lynn
    We have a tantrick trainer in Glasgow or close by but to be honest it will not be your technique that is sending everyone orange it is the sunlabs solutions that does this,
    everyone i have ever seen who has been sprayed with that comes out orange,
    the salon a few doors away from mine use it and i get loads of their clients because of the sunlabs solution sending them orange,
    this is tantricks head office number 0845 022 2233 give them a call and ask for some free samples of the tantrick range,
    once you have tried out tantrick solutions you will see a massive difference in colour, no orange at all,
    then if you like the solution you can buy some and do spray tans with this and see if this helps your confidence,
    i 100% know it is nothing to do with technique why your tans are orange,
    see if using tantrick solution can help your confidence before spending on more training hun, hth xxx
    No we didn't get enough, its not canceled as yet though, are you interested in doing the course ? xxx
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