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  • I have, every possible opportunity LOL he is absolutely fantastic - how long have you been a fan?
    Hi Lynda
    Thank you for your message hun,
    how are you doing with the lashes ? do you have any photos yet for me xxxxx
    Hi hun, thought we might see you at GMex? How are you getting on with the lashes? Hope you are well xx
    Hi Lynda

    Did my first of lashes today on the training head! Got 8 lashes on each - took 1 hour 10 mins!

    She doesn't look bad - but she can't open her eyes!

    Hopefully, will have a real live model tomorrow!

    Hope its going well.

    Hi Lynda, sorry for the late reply but its the first time i have been on in ages! I really enjoyed meeting you and the other tantrickers, it was great to put a face to the name and voice and I feel we are a great team and will have lots of fun and success together!
    lol excellent. Ours was good too, totally stuffed now. You'll have to get your fridge stocked with lots of free snacks.
    Hi Lynda... I am positively fine thanks :) You could give us a ring during the day tomorrow if you like hun?
    Hi Lynda..good hearing from are you these the salon doing well now?
    take care
    best regards
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