Lynne Baker
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Feb 5, 2018
Mar 2, 2008
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Aug 28, 1963 (Age: 54)
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Lynne Baker

Facialist Extraordinaire!, Female, 54, from

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Feb 5, 2018
    1. Della wyman
      Della wyman
      Hi Lynne....I've been googling and your thread came up about the excel spreadsheets....would you be able to send me a copy of both of them because the links in your thread are disabled...many thanks
      1. Noodle
        Della, Lynne doesn’t visit Salon Geek that often, so you may want to look for her on Facebook instead.
        Jan 12, 2018
    2. wbaker7980
      @Lynne Baker I'm interested in your excel sheets about budgeting for my salon.
    3. Hayzydayzygirlie
      Hi Lynne....I've been googling and your thread came up about the excel spreadsheets....would you be able to send me a copy of both of them because the links in your thread are disabled...many thanks :) xx
    4. Shelby Frenzel
      Shelby Frenzel
      Hey Lynne I wanted to take a look at the excel spreadsheets if you don't mind
    5. Blush&Glow beauty bar
      Blush&Glow beauty bar
      Hello Lynne, I have emailed you about the Swissdermyl and i have not had any reply can you give me another contact details as i am not sure the one you gave me on Facebook is working thanks.
    6. katml
      hi Lynne, I came across your excel spreadsheets for bookeeping and wondered if you still had them to share?
      1. Jay RS
        Jay RS
        I also would be truly grateful if you were sharing them too
        Jul 21, 2016
    7. Monica Sotelo Reyes
      Monica Sotelo Reyes
      Hi Lynn, I have just sent an email to your team@ email address. Please let me know if you receive it. Look forward to hearing from you
    8. Scorpiochick81
      Hi Lynne, I came across your post with your excel spreadsheets for bookkeeping. I tried to click on the link but I don't have access to them.
    9. Shannon Andrews
      Shannon Andrews
      Hello Lynne! I am new to the nail salon business, and I just read your thread about the two Excel spreadsheets you created for accounting. Would you be willing to email those to me? My email address is chosen dot girlz at yahoo dot com

      Thank you so much!
      Shannon, Chosen Girlz Nail Salon

      *MODS* it is okay to leave my email address in this message, as I am unable to Start a Conversation with Ms. Baker.
      1. Noodle
        Your email address will be available for anyone to view on the www, so it would obviously be advisable for you to change your privacy settings (click your avatar/icon to do this) to allow conversations, and then delete it from your message.
        Aug 5, 2015
      2. Shannon Andrews
        Shannon Andrews
        I tried, but after I typed my message and clicked "Start A Conversation" I got a message that I could not start a conversation with Lynne so I am guessing she has it locked on her end.
        Aug 5, 2015
    10. rainny255
      Hi Lynne, I came across one of your posts saying that you have the Apillus Vita lift machine. I have recently purchased it and still nervous that I have made the right decision. I wonder how you get on with it?
    11. Samac
      Hi Lynne. I am at the moment doing a facial and body massage course and am looking to set up a home based business. I am interested in the swissdermyl products and wondered if there is criteria I have to meet to become a stockist? Thanks
    12. Adam O
      Adam O
      Hello Lynne, hope you are well. I stumbled across your post whilst looking for an income/outgoing spreadsheet for my wife's new beauty start up. Could I please trouble you for a copy?

      If so, my email address is ** MOD REMOVED **

      Many thanks :-)

      1. The Geek
        The Geek
        Note that I have removed your email address. I don't think you want that posted publicly :D feel free to "Start a conversation" With Lynn which is more private :)
        Apr 21, 2015
    13. izzidoll
      Cheers for that rep way back in December :)
    14. kittikit
      Hi there,
      sorry to disturb you, but i was wondering, if you could help. At the mo, we are using Eve Taylor facial products in our salon, and they arent the best, i am thinking of changing to a different brand, thats how i come across your posts.
      Do you offer samples to try a few basic products?
      Do you offer free training for staff?
      Can you please send me some info pack over to
      I would be very grateful to know more.
    15. eye
      Hi Lynne can you tell me more about your product range please
    16. lila22
      Hi Lynne hope your ok, we all here for you, thanks for the heart xxx
    17. gillian w
      gillian w
      Hi Lynne thinking of you and hope you are ok xx
    18. 80's Girl
      80's Girl
      Hi Lynne, ignore my last message asking for dermal roller info - sounds like you had a really **** day! We all have a lot of respect for you on this site and hate to hear that you are unhappy. If you ever want to talk/drink/cry with someone who isn't in your normal friend circle remember that I'm just down the road from you. Hugs Jo x
    19. lila22
      Hi Lynne tried to inbox you last night but full, hope you are ok x x x
    20. Noodle
      Have just read some of your posts. Sending :hug:'s x
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    Aug 28, 1963 (Age: 54)
    Home Page:
    Business name:
    Calla Salon Ltd, Calla Distribution Ltd
    Do you work for or educate for a company?:
    Products or services sold:
    Novita microdermabrasion, oxygen therapy, chemical peels, Cozmetic Lab mineral makeup, eyeSlices, Swissdermyl, Blinc
    • Nails
    • Skin
    • Waxing
    • Makeup
    • Brows
    Skincare specialist and all round beauty therapist. Axiom Certified.
    Distributor of Swissdermyl, Blinc, Cozmetic Lab mineral makeup and Novita microdermabrasion machines, glycolic skin care, O2 machines.


    CIBTAC Aromatherapy and Massage - Jun 1996
    at Eastleigh covering Massage over 2 years

    CIBTAC Electrolysis and Blend - Jun 2011
    at Academia covering Electrolysis over 6 months


    Calla Distribution
    Follow me on Twitter: Calla Distribution
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