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  • Hey, not been around myself, not been myself for a few weeks, no work on, well, have had a enquiry & a potential booking for the 23rd fingers crossed. If its this bad once my insurance comes around to be renewed I'm getting rid & not bothering
    Hey how are you? have you left the country & not told me?
    Hope you are well? xoxo:hug:
    Lol, sorry. I told you I was thick. I heard about the riots, is it safe for me to come to England? My sister lives in Cornwall, Falmouth, nice place. Marketing, hmmmm, I'll have to do some of that. It couldn't have been worse timing, I have commitments 'til 10th Sept. I'll have to rely on the staff. I can see it costing me money. Grrr!
    They must be nervous, no-one likes change, and they don't know me or how I plan to operate, and I'll be saying hello/goodbye on Thursday, leaving them with loads of questions and no answers, no doubt. It's not good!
    You shouldn't be Woo Hooing if you have no clients booked in. Holidays? What are they, lol? Where are you off to? It's all a bit of a panic to be honest, it wasn't going to be going through til the 17th, but the present owner wants to speed things up. I have another commitment over the weekend, so the girls will have to cope on their own.
    Lol :D Hiya!!! Thanks for that look forward to keeping in touch with you here and on Twitter x
    Hiya, all is good with the hot water, the real tester will be in winter for the heating :)
    Would have droppen in earlier, but Orange WAP is down:irked: been watching tv & just taken my netbook off charge:)
    Hiya:) I got my portable couch from eBay too, picked it up this morning, am really pleased with it:cool:
    The summer house looks ace:) your dog looks well chilled out:) Let us know how you get on with the bidding:wink2:
    Ello stranger how are you? Well finaly did my first wax & also now got a portable couch, pick it up this weekend:) hope all is good your end?
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