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    Gels and hard gels for very flexible nails

    I would love a sample, I live in the US.
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    Allergic reaction .

    Hello, sorry to hear about your hands. I have the same problem I would just cry myself to sleep. all almost stop doing nails.My husband also made to stop my hands looked so bad. You need to wear nitrile gloves,keep your table dust free I have a sunflower dust collect and it helps to keep the...
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    opi new gel

    Yes it looks great. I did not order the light,but I did order the kit may call and order to the whole kit w/the light
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    opi new gel

    Has anyone seen the new opi gel system? Called axxium gel. I have the information at work. I can not wait to use it lz43my
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    PHD Waxing

    sorry not relevant to the thread.Just the system I use and it is very nice ,
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    Question about paraffin wax manis/pedis

    Welcome to Spa Revolutions Look at this site I use it and everyone loves it. Linda
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    PHD Waxing

    Spa Revolutions ---- Please look at this site ---Perfectsense Paraffin I use this system for my paraffin wax Welcome to Spa Revolutions Linda
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    Go 30's (aka Prescription nails) the REMOVAL OF

    I live in the US. I use these nail for party nails. school girls love them because there is no upkeep. No commit nails. They do last for 2 week. i use for proms,weddings,etc. They can soak them off or have more put on. I charge 20.00 & up prescription nails Dashing diva
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    pamper party help!

    I have my sister help me. We do min-- man/ped and quote a price for the whole party. We also have them at the salon on Sat.after we close for the day
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    paraffin wax treatments

    Welcome to Spa Revolutions Please look at this site I use this system to do my paraffin wax. Everyone love's it. I do my wax before the polish. The wax helps to seal in all the oil and lotion that you used. Polish is the last step for me Welcome to Spa Revolutions
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    Angel love gel

    It makes a great nail ,very strong. You do not have to remove the stickey coat or tap off the ends.But I well never put this on a client because of the burn. I have used alot of differnet gels and none have never burned like this. My name is Linda, I live in Mississippi and have just finish...
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    Angel love gel

    Hello I am new to the group. Can anyone tell me about the Angel love gel? I got a kit in and tried them on myself and they burn like _______ they are good gels .