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  • hey moomin long time no speak! are you still beautifying tanning and nails? im about to embark on spray tanning and wondered if you had any recommendations? hope your keeping well my lovely! Xx
    sorry for late reply x been off for a while x hope u had a fab christmas. bellas vampire is fab , deep sea yeo , waterfield is a must to go over any coloue and the 24 new colours are to die for x elisa
    The guru make-up emporium sell it too - but the prices are quite high - so I bought it from America (with my pro discount) - but got a £20 customs charge on top - so might have worked out just the same.
    hope this helps
    Hiya. That must have been ages ago, I haven't done a microdermabrasion treatment for years! I don't work in that salon any more I'm afraid. If you still want the details of the salon, let me know and I'll pm them to you.
    I got the bin from lakeland, its called a car bin and folds flat has one of those spring things and pops up when you take the band of it, I use it for all my treatments. I normally finish at 10 but if doing a pamper party or a couple sets of lashes it can be 11ish. Good luck with your business.

    You're v welcome! :) It is soooo addictive, my partner feels very redundant! Lol x
    thanks for replying to my thread re: leaflet drops, lots of food for thought - welcome to salon geek, blush x
    Just read your post on the Leaflet drop thread! It was fab, thanks very much, given me plenty to think about as I'm in the process of drafting up some new marketing material!! BTW, welcome to Salon Geek, always nice to see a fellow Hampshire Geek!! :) xx
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