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  • I almost got into Bio Sculpture to have a soak off gel for my clients. But I have heard mixed things about the product. On one hand I heard its nice & thin .... and on the other a client said that she used to get Bio Sculpture but the product I used on her (NSI Balance) is stronger. Maybe her nail tech was doing something wrong? Being a soak off do clients have to avoid water, or any thing? Do you soak them off everytime they come in for a fill or just file and fill normally?? Sorry about all the questions, i just want another nail techs opinion before I get another product line. :)
    hi,thanks for replying to my message in the forum.
    i have seen 2 hive machines 1 is digital and the other machine is hive too but has a dial to control the temp.
    what i want to know is the dial hive heater just as good as the digital hive heater?
    thanks for your help :)
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