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  • Thanks for starting the thread! It's important to step back, take a look and appreciate sometimes.
    I am now... just went off to do dinner. Stew today. Anthony helped me make the dumplings lol
    Hi Lisa, thanks for your message on geek, if you need to contact me either message me on facebook - add me Hayley Bell or email or 0774 3879 336. I don't get on geek that regular. Thanks Hayley x
    sorry not been in touch, since my mum left, I ain't stopped then I was in London for my Hen Weekend and had no car from Mon-Thur as it was being repaired. Got a client on Monday morning, wedding dress fitting on Tuesday and supposed to be doing a makeup event but may have to postphone, how are you fixed for Weds-Thur-Fri?
    Yes deffo, the lil cafe is ok. Nothing special but you can get a hot or cold drink and an ice cream, crisps, choc that sort of thing. Mum up from London this week, I'll message you next week and we'll sort something out x
    Oh my God... How cool is that? I'm just off Lache Lane!!! We'll have to meet up for a brew. Probably walked past you at Co-Op or something millions of times lol x
    Thanks for the freindship request! :)

    I just read your 'about me' and I'm LOL as I, too, LOVE doing pedi's!
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