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  • Hello, Im in need of help I just started renting my chairs and is new at being a boss and so there is no awkwardness when i have to ask or explain to them about sick and holidays can you please send me a copy of your contract of sick and holiday. I would be very grateful. my email is canelgennell@gmail.com
    hi magentahair, hope you dont mind me messaging you i have another question. If You use two colors on the hair if there is 50%+ grey hair, what color should i use to keep retouching her roots, just the base shade or the shade with a tone in it or keep using both?
    Hi Magenta

    Me again! I had to go ahead with the Majirel 8.04 and 8.0 with the Dia Richesse Developer on Saturday as friend going away for a few days and wanted hair done. He covered the Majiblond 921 nicely but as you said came out a wee bit copper. So now my question is what diacolor Richesse combinations of 8 plus.. would you recommend. She liked the level 8 effect just to kill the copper. Would I use an 8 with half of an 8 with an ash tone? Also do you think a few highlight scattered amoung this would be nice was going to just use l'oreal platine with a 30 vol? As she'd still like to have some blonde in there! Thanks Magenta
    Your in luck I have one!! If you go onto Welcome - Indigo Hair & Beauty and buy a ten pound gift voucher I will send it to you. Your client should be charged about £16 for it. X
    Yes they did, but I cant think off hand what! Will check my other salon Tuesday to see if we have any knocking about.
    Just to let you know she booked in today so i did some test strands while cutting it and got the tone i wanted,came out great,
    Thanks for the help :)
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