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  • It's a 'conversion' so youdon't have to use L+P already and YES they will be doing it ALL over! Simple call 0845 210 6060 for London dates :hug:
    ok thanks, i shall give it a go,
    i dont know if they do try me kits but you can purchase a sheet of minx from sweet squared and the brochure that you have sent for will show you how to do it, it is good fun and easy to do i just need to perfect it a bit as i still keep getting little wrinkles.
    Hi, to get the maxi kit with the lamp (which is huge by the way) including vat i thing i paid £119 or there abouts for it.
    I've never tried water marbelling, by the sounds of it its fun but tricky! lol I might just have to have a go, do you have to use specific paints for it?
    Ahhh thanks hun,
    I'm also trying to get the minx application down to a t too! lol i'll get there i'm sure. Having a tough old time shifting a horrid cough i've had since christmas so i haven't really done much practicing, can you imagine the results....minx and popits flying everywhere! lol
    I'm gonna have my son, the pro photog, do the pics this time.

    I have a thread entitled, 'My First Popit' if you want to see the before and after of my first attempt. :)
    Not bad. I put them on, soaked them off and this weekend I will do a 'real' set on myself. I was more practicing than anything.

    I'm going to use them tomorrow to do fills on my mom...IF the snow holds off. They're predicting 1 to 1-1/2 feet. I'll believe it when I see it. :)
    Hi hun, thankyou for your comments on my photo's. The pic of Nova was taken while i was flinging her rope toy about, she has a bit of an intensive stare but i think thats mostly due to having two different coloured eyes lol she's very sweet natured. if you dont mind i'm gonna add you as a friend. take care,
    Hi, love your red glitter popits! How did you get your smile lines so crisp?

    I tried the same thing the other night but using a natural free edge color. My smiles are nowhere near as crisp as yours. Great job!

    Thanks for your help! :)
    I stuck the leaves on the tips prior to applictaion i found this the easiest way as you can cut the smile line out.
    Great. Mondays and Tuesdays are best for me, Wednesday also most of the time, Thursdays are out for me at moment as work with hubby Thursday and Friday and some saturdays (though never know on Saturdays til last minute) So if any of those are any good just call me and tell me to put the kettle on! SUzy
    Hi Maggie

    Delighted to hear from you. Gosh we are really close to one another. I live in The Ridgeway, Stanmore, just off Lansdowne Road off Marsh Lane. Up the road from you.

    Yes we are using Dream products at moment as regards nail trainer products and liquid and powder but we are using mostly CND tips which we find easier to blend and a variety of different glues - not the one provided! I also use a larger brush than course provided.

    Which courses did you do and are you a working nail tech now. So many questions....... you are right a coffee would be great. Here is my mobile number 07989 445854. Why dont you give me a call when you have a moment and we can arrange something. Come to me for a coffee and a natter! Suzy
    I'm converting to CND. I was at the event and was very impressed. Haven't been happy with NSI for a while for various different reasons. x
    Thanks for invite but I'm just about to switch products cause i'm not happy with NSI, so i've declined the invite. Might get lynched if i accepted lol, but thanks anyway. Always happy to help though if I can xx
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