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  • Oh anytime, no problem Im not much better on these things either, hope you got it all sorted,
    Lyn x
    Just a thought as I know what I would love to do eventually...I have a spray tanning business from home, I can also do Shellac, but thats it. I would eventually love to be able to work in a salon like yours, as a receptionist/general dogs body, wouldnt mind in the slightest what I had to do but also promote the tanning in your salon, so cover both jobs. Im nearly 42, and personally I think you have to find someone with a bit more common sense. knowlegdge and initiative these days!
    Ive helped on Fridays in my friends hair salon, washing hair, answering the phone,sweeping everything except going near a paif of scissors wouldnt dare. But I love the atmosphere and still being part of that, helping where I can, Im sure you could find someone like that, I dont even worry about the wage so much, for an older employee or s/employed position its not always about that, and I would have the advantage of carrying out the tans too. Hope you find someone, all your niggles would niggle me big time too! Your staff should all be treating everything about your salon as if it were there own and taking a pride it everything, best of luck,
    Hi - please can you PM me details of your new shop? I'm in Bmouth a lot and would love to come in for a pamper! x
    Hiya zoe!! Ive seen uradverts on a acouple of networking sites that i advertise on... Just wanted to say hi, thanks for your reply on the thread that i did about MINX, i still cant believe how cheap some people are doing it, its madness but thats up to them... Good luck with ur new venture !! Maxine xx
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