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    Out with the cleaning rota, in with a cleaner

    Heya! Meeting went the same as always! I did all the talking and read through bits of the contract that needed to be revised... Didn't really get much of a response out of the ones that hate to clean and avoid it. The ones happy to are still happy to do what they are doing. I've just now got to...
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    Out with the cleaning rota, in with a cleaner

    Thanks Geeks, I've been thinking long and hard about it! Lily pie, its funny you mention about loo roll, as they really do not have any problem with not putting loo roll insides in the bin! It's such a small salon, any clutter really looks awful. I'm just going to revise their contracts...
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    Out with the cleaning rota, in with a cleaner

    Hiya Geeks! Over the last four years I've had a few stylists and beauty professionals come and go, but I've always struggled with maintaining a clean and tidy salon! Currently my staff are all on booth rental and in all their contracts it reads 'the consultant agrees to keep the locate of...
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    My transgender make-up experiences

    Thanks lovelys. It must have been rewarding to see start to finish. Anybody can suffer from low self esteem and feel miles away from their 'ideal self' :( feel upset for these... Like I've had brides in before and they have been convinced they can still see acne scarring... I guess it's like...
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    A rival salon that makes my blood boil

    Thanks! I don't look at what they do but sometimes you just open a mag or Facebook and it's there. I imagine I could find lots more by looking! I feel better just putting it all down! Xx still would be nice to hear other success stories xxx
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    A rival salon that makes my blood boil

    Hiya fellow business owners! When somebody copies you what can you truly do about it?! 18 months after I opened my cute little salon I read an article in a local mag that another salon was opening less than a mile down the road. This wouldn't have bothered me except their logo was very...
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    My transgender make-up experiences

    Hello Makeup Geeks. Knowledge is power so I thought I'd share with you my three Transgender Makeup Experiences! My background is I'm a salon owner and my speciality in my salon is Makeup, Lashes and Tanning! I trained in fashion editorial makeup and have been working in the industry nearly 8...
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    Commercial mortgage

    Thanks geeks for the positive remarks. My natwest business manager has now moved and doesn't offer customer facing appointments anymore. Chatting to the business development team they have said I need 50% ! Pink Thistle, who do you bank with please?!
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    Commercial mortgage

    Hiya Geeks, I'm 3 years into my 10 year lease and I'm totally loving it. I chose a small shop so my rent, rates and bills wouldn't consume me. It's grade 1 listed, big window and natural light in the basement room. It's very close to main a main shopping area, near a car park, foreign...
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    Can anyone recommend a good salon/treatment insurance

    Heya! Initially I went with Which have been great as all my policy has been saved online so I never lose it and can email it if people need to see it, or save a copy. I had a couple of work experience girls and apprentice so covered them working there and...
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    Charging family and close friends?

    Others in the salon think I'm super mean as my mum pays full price for everything with me! :/ she's the best mum, and I try and obvs be the best daughter but she doesn't bing in recommendations and clients as I don't live close to her fact if I'm having a slow month ill get her in...
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    Wedding Fayres-has anyone ever held a stall at one?

    They range from free ( if you negotiate doing treatments on the organiser) to £150! Just work out how long it would take to pay it back....if you can manage it from one party booking then it's probs worth doing. But the venue is key, and no goodie bags, just your expertise, maybe a few...
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    Help with paying for courses?

    Improve your confidence, if you have little, fake it til you make it! And only your passion for nails will make you any money, with or without a CND course. All you need is public liability insurance and then try the following for 4 weeks... - put on a big smile and go into a local...
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    Business premises

    Find your perfect property and call them everyday until you get a viewing, then until you get the lease agreement you want.... Everyday, then they will wish they had been little more proactive... Xx
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    The Billion Dollar question

    Firstly for doing this all on your own and everything you have said you are doing you should be proud. People tell me this all the time and if I'm having a bad/ non profitable week I do want to slap them round the face with a wet fish and scream ' well I bloody deserve to feel proud, I work damn...