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  • can you send me some pictures and also tell me how much the postage would be as I won't be travelling down.
    hi ya!
    i definitly no wat u mean! i had the very same problem. stuck in a job that i hated!! pub work.. had been there a since i finished school. (5yrs now!) so.... i did my trainin as`a nail tec and went part time in the pub. then i started to think the pub was holdin me back(late nites n all that) so i decided to hand in my notice, finally! but like u i didnt have a regular client base, it is very worryin but i just felt i had to do cut the pub n go all out with nails. hard at the strat but i really pushed myself on nails. i made`a room home for nails n also mobile service. i advertised like mad, leaflets handing out buisness cards etc.... very slow at the start but now its great good client base n all! happy days!so the answer to ur question... no ur not mad!! (unless i am to... n that could be the case!)
    good luck with it all xxx
    go for it girl!!
    Thanks for that...........it couldn't have come at a better time. Glad you find it useful and I hope that you'll brave enough to post sometime. Kim xxx
    Hi there
    How can I help - you state you are going mobile after your exams - so I'm assuming its waxing you'r like advice on. Please can you clarify what it is you want to know and I'll get back to you asap.
    oh ok i don't know then hun is there nothing about uploading pics on there for you to read through i will try and look for you hun x
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