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    Wax complaint

    Full body wax for £35? In no way do I mean to sound condescending, but it's too cheap for a confident job. You need to see her to give advice. If she refuses to come in then insurance claim may be void. I'm not 100% on that but would make sense. Tho I wouldn't hand money back as its accepting...
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    Wax complaint

    She needs to come in and see you! Pics are not enough for you to determine her skins condition. If she feels it's bad enough she should go straight to a doctor. The price (in money) is not at all the priority
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    Bikini wax complaint

    I have a new client who's bikini I waxed 2weeks ago. All went well as far as I was concerned. I had been warned previously that she could be a troublemaker, but I took the appointment anyway. I pre waxed, tested the wax between each strip. After waxed and gave after care advice. Now two weeks...
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    Peanut butter jelly hair

    you could foil alternating 55/66 and a highlift? Save you going through it twice
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    Removing or subduing tone?

    Sorted it [emoji3] just doubting myself when didn't have to
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    Removing or subduing tone?

    I tried 8/38 kp as lowlights on my client. The result is a little warm for my client. What would you suggest for a more natural or ashy tone? Thanks
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    My Shellac Cake!

    Brilliant :)
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    Bleach Bath

    These are wella instructions Pre shampoo 30grams of blondor 30ml 6% 15ml shampoo 60ml warm water Mix and apply to required areas. Development is visual Hth
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    Patch test reaction! See photo

    Just out of interest what happened with the therapist that did lash and brow tint without testing. Sued?
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    Patch test reaction! See photo

    Thanks for sharing. I couldn't forgive myself if someone had a reaction like that and I hadn't patch tested. Getting sued for it wouldn't be great either
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    Discontinued Wella colours, how to create them?

    Brilliant, thanks for sharing :)
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    Weebly question

    I was faffing about on it last night and wondered the same thing. Also when doing price list on it how to get the £ and numbers to line up. Mine looked squinty lol
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    Building a website - please help!

    Could try It's paid monthly, has unlimited pages and is completely controlled by you what is on it
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    Salon rent/lease?

    Thanks just pampered that's cleared a few things up in my head. I'll have a look and ask lots of questions while I'm there. Probably too much for me to take on by the sounds of it. Just when I saw the price I thought it didn't sound much more than renting a chair/room or nail bar. But there's...
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    Salon rent/lease?

    It's empty and was running as a chiropodists clinic. There's short and long therm leases available. Does that sound like there's lease and rent to pay? That'd be like paying twice (in my mind anyway). There's a hairdresser next to it so wouldn't be able to offer hair but could do nails and beauty.