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  • Hi Tamm, just wondering how things are going? I take it you have done your Shellac training now, what do you think of it? (Remember we used to both be on here 2003-2004?) Hope all is well, Kim - Nails at Home xx
    Thanks Chameleon! I wasn't sure about keeping my name but I think I will now. I've just got to think of a small sentence to go with it to draw people in! I can't wait to go on the training. In the mean time I've got to get practicing with manicures and applying polish as I've not done any in such a long time!
    Hi i used to be beauty guru but changed my name as i am like a chameleon my life has changed so much lol.....i am going to excel tommorrow as i don't teach on mondays,good luck with the shellac attack,like you i am getting my confidence back,but shellac is a dream to use,if you use the while system in it's entirety as i have.Yes i speak french as i was born there,and teach it,i love the name you should keep it! xx
    Hello Tamm ;)

    It's been such a looooooong time since we caught up - we need to schedule a massive catch up session real soon ;)

    Hope all's well with you and life is treating you well xxx
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