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  • Hi Georgie - I am up North in County Antrim at the moment. Heading back to Saudi Arabia on the 28th November. Back for a wee break and to take my dog with me back to Saudi. lol
    Hi mandy its nuala here just dicovered you on this site, lets just say i am not to hot on the computor. Hows things going are you still away or are you home? All good with me and my folks, doing not to bad with the waxing and beauty end of things. Still very nervous about the nails a long way to go but wont give up. Really enjoy meeting people as much as i love my wee rascals its nice to get adult conversation through the day. Chat soon now that i have found you i will turn your head.
    hello my dear, hope ur well and all is going well. Alison Thomson, Karen ? , and Alison Davenport have all been in. Think they are all happy but I didnt know Alison D got a gel topcoat on her nails,I just buffed em. She was on the phone today booking in for next wk and mentioned it. Other than that I think all is good!
    Its pissing over here btw so I hope ur enjoying the sun!!
    hi pet, just want to say thank you for passing on my details! karen and alison have came and i think they're happy! i didnt know u had a wee dog and were worried about leaving him, if you need a home for him i'd be more than happy. have a dog myself and she's spoilt rotten but sometimes i think shes lonley when were out at work. how are things working out for you in dubai??
    hi mrs, just wanted to ask how you do frm home? my lease is up and although the shops doing ok, i miss my kids (they're only 2 & 4) and the stress of it is hard smetimes , payinfg rent and rates is a big deal too esp if its quiet! really considering doing it from home, just wanted to know how you find it.
    Thanks about wishing me luck with the cabin. Just hope it's not going to be too cold in it lol!
    Hi Hunny
    Thanks for your comment my pic, the nails were a bit of a cheat really, they are pre designed tips hth xxx
    Hi there,

    Ive not got minx yet im still not sure about it. Glad its all going great for you. Thanks sorry to take so long to reply to your message i didnt know you got messages in that part of profile. Thanks

    Hi Mandy, sorry for late reply I've had a hectic few days! I didn't get time to do the Minx, I was so dissapointed but nothing I could do. Had a fab time at The Event, it was an amazing experience, I bought the silver & black polka dot Minx & hopefully one day I might get round to using it! Thanks for all your help last week Mandy & really wished you could've come to the event, would've loved to have met you. Did your birth certificate arrive? love andrea x
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