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  • Hello there, yes you've got me. Sorry I've been running around like a mad thing since I got back and this is the first time I've logged back on.

    How was your tan. Mine was ace, I am really pleased with it. Plus it was free :) We have Tantasic over here so I might use it next time. Am feeling a bit pale again today so have slapped on some tinted moisturiser.

    Have you tried the Popits on yourself and or a client yet? I used them on a client today and they looked great in the end but I got product all over the place. God only knows what she thinks of me.
    Chat soon S xx
    I think we might have met on thursday.
    Are you the lovely red head with the Irish accent?
    I was the " Calgel girl" and got tanned after you.
    Just thought I would say Hi.
    I hope I am talking to the right person.
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