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  • Hi,
    I received the items today. Thank you so much, they're all fab. Jeanie (what I have called the mannequin) is great, although she now doesn't have any lip or eye colour as I used acetone to clean her up and suddenly went 'oops, I've taken her eyes and lips off', my other half just gave me a look lol.
    Thanks again.
    hi hm for the lash kit plz and what does it include, i could arrange my own courier thanks suan
    Hey hun, just seen your post on geekbay, i am looking to do Flirties to the kit would be great. Can you tell me whats in the kit and what kind of price you are looking for?
    hiya! I was wondering what spray tan you use? i see from posts thats its something better the vanity? xx
    hi to all new friends,
    sorry for delay in reply due to computer malfunction lost site address finally got it back thank god there is nothing to compare to geek
    :)hi Marie,
    Thanks for the offer, I am ok at the moment bit quiet at the mo not doing any candleing only massage and waxing a few nails manies and pedies, but if i need any I will let you know.
    regards sue.
    Hi Marie

    Sorry I missed you on Sunday at Paws in the Park. What a good day it was. Are you still doing nails? I have decided to make a comeback. Stephen was paid off on Monday due to the credit crunch although it will give him more time to continue his charity work. I think I am going to return to work more hours and try to fit nails in too. Actually I'm quite excited. I might get established in time for the christmas rush.

    How are you?

    Elaine x
    Hi, long time no see.... I think i'm going have to get you to do my nails soon, if you have the time that is......
    Hi Marie,
    Never heard from you for a while, hope everything is going well. Must catch up soon.
    Hi stranger!! How lovely to hear from you! How's things going? All good I hope xox
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