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  • Hi Carla. Happy New Year! The mobile therapist booking system has been delayed by me needing to do more contract work to bring in extra money ASAP (I had a tax bill back in November that needed paying and no money to pay it, so had to get some decent paying work in ASAP - thankfully it was paid on time yay) - I probably won't get a chance to look at it until March now - but it will definitely get there in the end :)
    Wow that's amazing! Course they'll be nice to you they'll love you!! Saw your mums display pic. How did it go? You looked amazin! The dress' were gorgeous!
    Hi Carla

    I don't know of any iPhone apps for mobile therapists yet - but the system I'm working on will work great for mobile therapists once it's up and running... hope that helps :)
    try buffing them in on a few clients that normally have finish it and give them a good oil too once high shined, sometimes finish it isnt always suited to every client who has l&p... i dunno why but ive found this on a few ladies in the past too
    if you get no lifting on the buffed nails then you have your answer.... if thats not the case then the lifting could be caused from any number of things iykwim, prep, product placement, anything
    let me know how you get on....
    j x
    Hi there sorry so long replying my internet broke just had to buy a new flippin modem today! Yes im on facebook...Anna Leach I dont go on it much tho..my number is 07513242545. Its tuesday and wednesday your class isnt it? (just double checking)
    Sorry me again! thank you for comment on my beauty room - is in my home! has a few more bits added to it now but I sometimes lay on the couch with just the little lights on...........ahh think I might go now - lol x
    Hellooo! Thanks for the friend request, sorry took so long but had difficulty getting logged on for a couple of days. Hope you have a great weekend! x
    Thankyou, I live an hour away from red10 but no I dont mind at all I know what its like when your struggling for a model! sitting in on a class will benefit me too, I havent been to red10 for a while be quite nice sitting on the other side of the table for a change lol x
    Hi, about the modelling. Will it be in the evening? If so thats fine for me, if it's during the day I will be working unfortunately.
    Hi Carla
    Thanks for your message. PM or email me anytime and i'd be happy to help out :)
    Sure is... Ihave pics yeah, just wont upload onto this :( Duno whats up with it... Hows your salon going? xxx
    Yup... I sure am... Great wee 1st day :) Had only 1 client today... Though had alot of calls & appointments made :D Soooo chuffed :D xxx
    Hiyaaaa... I was planning for getting the salon open for start of dec... That didnt happen :( VERYYYY unreliable land lord :( But, finally im getting opened... Openong tomra... Very excited :) How are you? xxx
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