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  • Hi sorry its taken a while to reply, you asked me about the small hexagonal sponges i use for Gelish in a thread. On the front the website on there is Budget & Quality - Homepagina this website is dutch and ive tried looking through for the sponges but cant see them. I got them though from the kent harmony educators as this what they use and advised. Im going for my acrylic course soon so i will pick up couple more packets from them then. I hope that helps a little Caroline x
    Aw bless her, well it's not bad for the money, I have been on mine everyday for an hour so it's doing me well :)
    Hi Marion, I got it from amazon, was £79.99 delivery included and its a 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Bike. If you literally type that at the top it will come up. So it was only a cheap one but all I could afford but it does the job, pretty sturdy, I don't hold much confidence for it lasting me a long time but it's cheap so we'll see.

    Hope that helps! :)
    Hey Marion, just wondering if you ever found out if Gelish was available in Ireland? Cant seem to find it anywhere! thanks x
    Contacted you on a post. Just getting the hang of this forum so forgive me please. Your private message box is full so my response to you won't go through. Let me know if you get it fixed and I can send you the info about the cards. :)
    That's one thing I miss about living in Dublin.. being near (ish) the Sea... here in Portlaoise we're miles away from it :( ... glad to hear you've heard of Bannow... I didn't think it was even on the map ha ha ha
    Awh the sunny south east.. lucky you.. I'm in Portaoise. I used to go on hols to Wexford nearly every year when I was a kid to a little place called Bannow Bay in wexford, our family would rent a house and I had some of my happiest times there.... LOL that was before I discovered shopping
    Hi Marion... I can't believe you're on this site so long and we aren't friends yet LOL.... could have sworn we already were xx ;)
    Hiya Marion... those nails were for a bride who wanted her nails really long and I applied the tips, shaped and blended them and put a layer of gel on them (think I took the pic then and then finished them off with clear gel and used gold enamel and rhinestones... I used Bio Sculpture gel and they lasted 6 weeks, which surprised me cause they were very long!!
    Thanks, marion! I use the CND range, especially the opaques and shimmers. Lately I've been adding the sheer colors too, which makes pretty translucent color that still covers well. It's fun to experiment!
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