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    Happy Birthday Klassy Klaws

    Hope you have a lovely birthday, and fantastic time at the circus tonight! xxx
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    Comment by 'marioned' in media 'DDComparison'

    Big transformation!! Well done x
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    Will Minx ever be rounding off both ends?

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    Some afternoon playtime

    Did you sat YOU SOAKED THESE OFF????? Oh I hope that wasn't what you meant!! They are awe inspiring!
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    Minx again (I know, I know!)

    Hmmm, it would depend on the size of the big toenail. Some of the designs can be put on sideways too, so that might be an option. Otherwise, you can "piece" it together to get the width coverage you need. HTH
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    Any medical peeps or better still midwives/ex midwives on here

    I don't think they are (not that I've got any medical training!). The umbilical vein carries the oxygenated blood to the baby (as it is going to the heart it is called a vein) and the umbilical arteries carry the deoxygenated blood away from the baby to the placenta. The exchange of gasses...
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    Wedding design

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    Errrr - trashed nails - what to do

    I never thought of putting on 2 top coats for extra strength - Thanks Gigi!!
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    Happy birthday Min

    Hope you are having a lovely day! Happy Birthday Min!!
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    it's deserved for a helpful post!

    it's deserved for a helpful post!
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    Eeek Nits

    What good advice and well done for broaching the subject with your neighbour!
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    Polarised plug on CND lamp, help!

    An adapter? How strange! Who told you this? It has a normal 3 pin plug on it, so what kind of adapter could they mean? Are you sure you have taken the little plastic cover off the plug. It's the smallest one I've ever seen, and I nearly didn't notice it.
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    LOL, was just putting them in order and having my first close up look at the colours I don't...

    LOL, was just putting them in order and having my first close up look at the colours I don't have.....yet! LOL
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    Thanks for the rep x

    Thanks for the rep x
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    Can Shellac be applied over nail tips

    These points have already been raised in other threads or the shellac group. Have a wee read and it'll answer your questions and more questions you haven't even thought about yet. One person has done the tips and shellac and it worked for them. xxx