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  • hi there. i noticed u work in insurance and im just wondering does babtac provide insurance to irish therapists. im n ireland and looking for quotes at the mo!!! thanx :)
    hey hun was thinking of doing some training courses at sallys such as basic waxing and manicure & pedicure would i be able to obtain insurance the accrediation is babtac,ant,guild of professional beauty therapists,habia

    thanks :)
    Happy 40th, welcome to the world of oldness hehe, only kidding, I had a bad time coming up2 my 40th, but hey I don't care anymore, I'm lucky in other ways, hope you have a fab day, bet you wonder how I know ?? well I'm pyschic !! :) not really, just read your blog yesterday xx
    Sorry, I just have to jump in here and say that Meerkat ad is hilarious! My absolute favorite! ... "I cannot help you find cheap car insurance"... Love it! :))
    The plessure is mine :)))) hope you have a great day and an awsome weekend huggels 2 u 0_-
    hiya hun just saw ur online thought id say a hello 2 u ;))) have a great night/day huggles
    I have just listened to it omg it is great and there are definately a couple of singles on there. thanx for the info your a star. xxxx
    Hey how cool are you! Definitely let me know if you are in my area doing a Cliff show, he's fab!!
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