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  • Hi Marlise..hope house move went well...need your new addy ASAP as DVD ready to go .
    Thanks a million for your helpful tip ! That kind of sharing means a lot and helps loads - appreciated !
    cait x
    hi marlise, sorry for the late reply its been a mad couple of days i have just found out i am pregnant so my head is all over the place lol

    i actually work from home so it will probably be too far for your clients to get to me.

    sorry xx liz xx
    hi hun, Paul, my oh was a 40 a day smoker for 40 years, he is on day 40 + days none smoking with champix he had a carbon monoxide test last week and he has the lungs of a none smoker. he's also lost 9kg because he was so determined not to put on weight that every time he feels the urge to munch he reaches for his chewing gum. You can do it hun, I'm 12 years none smoking and love having all that extra cash.xx
    Hi hun...thanks for your support on my blog...i got my champix from the clinic hope you get it its brill !! xxx
    My MSN is totally screwed up hun. I've added you and was chatting away and realised you wernt getting my messages. It's been doing it all night :irked: Hopefully it will be ok tomorrow :hug:
    You will get through it hunnie, you know where I am if you ever need to chat and i'm looking forward to meeting you on Friday x
    just wanted to pop on and give you a :hug: xxx your stronger than you think babes..might not feel like it now but think back over the years of what you have come through..xx
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