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  • Hello, guess what I haven't got round to trying have been so busy, I have a few days off this weekend so going to try, will let you know , hope you are well xx
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Im writing here in case you dont look back and see my reply. I think if I build up my clientelle I could be making enough to cover the rent and more. Thats what im hoping for :) Are you in Glasgow? x
    Thanks for the rep my darling! I thought it was really big of her to say she was a tit! xxx
    I have deleted all blogs, all friends, and as many posts and threads that I could be bothered to do. Really, it's done now.
    Yes you have. I didn't post a blog so that people could be mean. Glad you have a perfect salon, I don't seem to be able to acheive that. Hence why all blogs, most posts, and a lot of my threads are deleted. I really don't need to be around mean and nasty people right now.
    Thanks for the rep point from last April! Been away from the site but quite embarrassed as I just found it now!
    Thank Angela, I'll maybe book her in for a facial with you so I can get your advice on which skincare products would be suitable for her, and I'll make some enquiries about the electrolisis as she wants to give it a go!!! Thanks again xx
    Ah I didn't realise it would be something as intrusive as electrolisis, not sure I'd want to put her down that route at her age....they are just tiny white lumps some of them look like they've a tiny head on them, they are just on her forehead..... do they sound like milia, or am I totally off the mark?? Will they go away eventually on their own, some of them seem to go but then others come up somewhere else....i must really do some reading up. thanks for your advice xx
    Hi Angela, Don't know whether this is something you could help me with, my daughter who's 11 next month has what I think are milia on her forehead, these are bothering her and I would like to take her somewhere to get these looked at and possibly treated but I don't just want to walk into anywhere especially given her age. I wondered whether I could bring her to you for you to have a look and if appropriate would you be able to carry out treatment. any advice would be great, thanks Lou xx
    Just back today and catching up in here whilst Mike's watching the footy!!...irony is we didn't miss the telly or PC at all over the last 2 weeks !!
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