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  • Hey
    just wanted to say thanks for the idea regards vouchers and client referals, I will be getting my creative head on and give it a shot.
    Sue :)
    good having another bloke kicking around on the site..gets lonesome on here sometimes ;0))
    Hi Martin,

    I'm good thanks. I took on the other beauty room within the hairdressers that I mentioned to you about, so that is keeping me pretty busy trying to get bums on seats. I've put some really good packages together which have been well received.

    In loosely keeping with the Wimbledon theme, we have a Strawberries & Cream Package which has been quite popular.

    There's an open evening in the hairdressers 23rd July so we're all putting thinking caps on to come up with some good incentives. Have pinched a few ideas from Greg's site about combined hair & beauty offers, so all should go well.

    'See' you around,
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