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  • Thats brilliant Mary, not sure what a secondment is, maybe you can fill me in. I have an appointment with lasts schools deputy head on Weds, was my NQT mentor about doing some voluntary work in the schools behavioural unit and SEN department. I'm really looking forward to this date, we just been talking, we have so much in common. Fingers crossed!! anne xx
    Its pants!! She's throwing alsorts at us because it all comes down to the fact she wants to be with her boyfriend. Very stressful time trying t make her see sense and still havent got through. Think shes thinking about jacking it all in just to be with him,,,,,ARRRGGGHHHHH!!! Its a nightmare!! xxxxxxxx
    Thanks Mary, I have put up a blog to update people as I have recieved quite a few messages. Considering what yesterday was, it was a lovely day. Mum was sent of in dignified style, what she would have wanted!

    anne xx
    Hi Honey Just to let you know we have started a Young Nails Social group Please feel free to join us T
    Hi Mary, thanks for asking about my 1st masters class, it went well thanks, really enjoyed it! I have my 2nd one tommorow. I hope you have a great holiday! anne xx
    I bet your relieved about the OFSTED, at least its over with now. My masters is Friday, I'll let you know how I get on!

    anne xx
    Thank you for the quick reply!

    But I have one more question for you ever have any problems with the glitter being too chunky on the toes??
    Hey honey you are very welcome and thanks for the rep point XXXXX No need for Glass slippers then lol
    :) Yeh i have one of the training hands too... but find it hard to find practice time in the day as have two little ones ... But going to dedicate more time really enjoy doing the nails. I do occassional friends and family nails but not very often as they dont really have them.your glitter tips.. did you use ready made glitter acrylic or use fine glitter with acrylic?
    hello... i also started late last year done my training with cnd. Had a look at your sets.. looking great hun !! alot better than my pink and whites! Blummin camera broke so havent managed to up load ne pics yet but i will do soon.. how are you finding your practice? louxx
    hi mary, I had a good day thanks, I was late though unfortunately cos I nearly didnt go I did pick up some good tips but its a bit hard to explain so the best advice I can give is to go to YouTube - CND nails

    there are some videos from CND and one specifically on smile lines. Also if you go to the Pros section on CND - Creative Nail Design, Professional Nail, Hand and Foot Beauty Products - Artificial Acrylic Nails and Brisa Gel.
    theres a few other videos on there and other stuff too. If you can I would definately recommend the CND conversion course sometime as well cos the training and products are fantastic.

    anne xx
    Hi Mary, Congrats on passing your assessment, I bet your well pleased :)

    Its a shame that you can't make it Monday, it would have been good to meet you! There are other free mentor days this year, I have copied the web address from the CND Lovers group for you to look at below (in case you havn't seen them already) maybe some of these dates you won't be in school

    speak soon, anne xx
    Hi Mary Ive just realised the rep points you gave me back in december about a thread on different training methods !!! Thank you very much hun, hope you had a lovely crimbo xx:hug:
    Hi Mary

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you are enjoying you holidays away from all them kids. Hows your nails course going? take care anne xx

    Your Young Nails college kit sound like the one I used. Fab products, professional sizes. The only additional thing you will need is a cuticle pusher/knife which you may already have. You will of course have to replenish your kit as you use things. You will have enough of everything except files to see you through the course.

    Hope you enjoy it.

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