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  • I meant every word... I'll be watching your progression with great interest! :hug: ...don't like the snake though :lol: :Scared:
    Awhh very nice of you to say that... thank you so much!!... I have a feeling you're going to be an excellent Nail Tech (not too many of them out there)... you're going about things the right way and aren't trying to do it on the "cheap" like a lot of others... you should contact Sweet Squared for details on how you'd go about training with CND.. they'll look after you well :hug: .. here's the link Education
    Hey Marykate, how have you been? How's the course going? I hope it's been fun for you :) It's Mona LittlePrecious! I have just changed my name LOL :) x Mona
    its ok! its nice to see someone so enthusiastic about the industry at an early point, as when i was at college most people just did it to "do nails" and non of them do it now! glad to see your furthering your education with CND couldn't recommend it any more! Good luck! Oh i forgot to add, if you look at my pic there are some tips that give done with nail foils and Shellac the finish is amazing! xx
    Hey how are you? I'm now self employed in a salon in Dudley, did you still like your hair cut? X
    Hey Mary Kate, you can call me Mona. my CND training is end October. I cant wait! I am doing a 1-2-1 basic mani:) What about you where are you based? x
    Awwww thank you xxx Yeah I was late to the game but have enjoyed learning new things. You will too xxx
    I can always give you the salon number if you like where I work? What do you want, just a cut and blow dry?
    Hi, that's fab news, you'll be fine. They won't be like that with you. Good luck not that its needed. I just brought a book and it started from there. I do rituals for positive out comes never anything bad, lol. x
    Hi again, I love crystals, mind you anything spiritual and I'm there. I'm a practising white witch have been for over 11 years now. I'm mobile hunny, you? Yeah that would be cool. x
    Hi, how's you? I have a set of Angel cards, I use them for myself not other people. I do, do readings hunny, you can add my ostra's therapies page on facebook if you want chick, you can see feedback. You will enjoy reading with your cards, I suggest you throw the book away as thats the way the person who wrote the book reads the cards. Buy a journal, then each day take a card and write down what that card says to you, until you've finshed the deck, also before doing readings you need to ground and protect before any spiritual work. Of course we can be friends. Are there any other spiritual things you do? I'm in Brierley hill hun x
    Thanks for adding me. I am new to this and really don't no what I'm doing. How long have u been using sg? X
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