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  • Hi
    To be honest I haven't tried it yet :-( will be trying it this week on my sister in law. And yes I have joined the gelish group. There is a lovely picture someone has put on with marbling I have asked her how it's done but she hasn't got back to me yet.
    Thanks for asking x

    Just wondering how you are getting on with your gelish and how you like it? Have you joined the gelish user group?
    Hi yes I would recommend orly gel fx it is really popular. It works really well along side bio. I usually recommend new clients to try orly first as it is cheaper for them. Orly should last 10-14 days but some clients can get longer. If they can get 3 weeks out of it then we stick to orly. If the client has weak peeling nails then they may not get as long so we would then use bio.Bio is also better if they need extensions or have deep ridges.i cannot comment on edge gelfx as I haven't heard of it before.Oh and the orly fx led lamp works great with bio too ! Hope that helps xx
    Hi Masey1980, stamping can be do frustrating, sometimes I might have to stamp an image 3 or 4 times before I am happy with it!
    Do the polishes pick up the other designs on the stamping plate?
    I think Konad might make regular polishes as well as the special polish which is the one you use for stamping. Barry M special effects polish in gold and silver also work really well.
    Make sure you really shake the polish well before using it too.
    Make sure that you roll the stamper across the nail, don't just press it on, it does take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's awesome :)
    Good luck and let me know how you are going :)
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