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  • You are welcome, sorry about the late reply have not logged on to salon geek for aaages! Rachel xx
    Ta for the info.
    BTW i did a set of hard gel enhancements, they went really well, didn't get any gel on skin and i was extra careful with the prep, i think they are the best I've done yet :)

    I really think though it all depends on the clients nails, she had a nice curve and the forms went on well, but get someone with ski slope or mega short and it's all downhill for me, i lose all confidence.
    Nevermind I'm sure I'll get there :)
    While we are on the subject of filing, do you use a new/fresh dura file when removing gelish off enhancements or can it do/last a few sets?
    I felt such a noob after i realised i was filing the lifted part of the rebalance wrong!!
    I read geegs tutorial and it made sense. I couldn't believe that the whole reblanace it self took 2 hrs *groan*
    I'm doing another one on thurs so hopefully i can shave some time off!
    Maz, I've just been looking through your new pics! They're amazing!

    Fab work as always Xx
    Hi maz I'm looking to get some tips and forms, can you recommend a brand to me there are so many out there and some tips have a really deep c-curve thats a bit of a pain. xxx
    It's ok, I'm sure the MMA person is a troll though! How's things going? I don't suppose you know of anyone renting out their flat or something similar. My brother has split up from his girlfriend and he's kipping on friends sofas at the mo so he needs to find his own place, somewhere in Croydon because he works in TimeBomb in the high street (it's a goth/punk tattoo shop) do you know it?
    Ooooh. I'll have to have a peek. I'm hoping to book in for the polished nail at the end of next month. Just need to see if my husband can get the day off work.
    Hi Maz. I just wanted to tell you I booked myself on for the Master Painter in August. I feel so sick now. Lol.
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