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  • Ok. I'll sit down and see what Sundays I can do and will pm them to you. So excited and nervous. Eek. I want that bag, it will be mine. Lol. Xx
    Hey Maz. It's Melissa from the Shellac class. It was great meeting you today. Let me know when you would like to do the Master Painter and if I don't speak to you before, have a fantastic trip. :) xx
    It's ok. I love your nails tho, I've even got some bling on me little finger like yours cos it looks so pretty (don't worry I'm not a stalker Lol) :)
    I know what you mean. I've slightly overspent on the Vinylux (23 colours :o), I only want the orange, gilded pleasure and impossably plush then thats it. :D

    If I'm lucky I'll have about £80 - £100 to spend on the day but I'm looking to get nick knacks, swaroski gems (god knows how u spell it!!) etc but i want to get an acrylic demo on my finger, do you have to pay for demos?
    Boooooooooooo :cry:
    not to worry. I know the big names arent there but it's my first show so i thought go to a smaller one before the biggie.

    I want to go to sept too, JuicyLucy said she may go too so it would be nice to see both of you. :D
    Yes Gelish/Shellac is so much easier. At least we gave it a go. :)
    BTW if you want to got to the show and not walk round on your own we could meet up there? I'm going on Sunday.
    Thanks for the reply I'm really looking forward to the training another step further along the nail ladder xx
    I'm going as long as Ricky can get me a bit of money. I'm going on my own I don't care I want an acrylic demo on my nail that I've broken. :)
    Thanks for your great feedback Maz, you said before that I'd get better and at the time, I wasn't convinced that it would happen as quickly as you said, so pleasantly surprised! One client today :) xx
    Hi Maz, soz me again.

    Have u tried Vinylux with foils, how would u do it.
    I tried it but after a few hours the foil started peeling away from the free edge (I did top coat it as well)
    Lol and yea they are different, pink bikini is lovely def recommend getting it and ask as many questions as you like :)
    Thats nice x. I work in a secondary school, I deliver the hot meals cooked in their kitchen to different schools and then i serve luch to the little monsters at first school LOL. (they are cute really!)

    Also last question i promise, is pink bikini similar to gotcha. I've got gotcha but didn't want to get pink bikini if it's similar-ish.
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