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  • Thats ood to know I was thinking of £10 or £12 too.
    Are you doing cuticle work, file and shape & polish or are you doing hand massage in with that price.
    I'd like to do some hand massages and exfoliators too I dont want to do straight gelish all of the time.
    I see your in Croydon. My brother lives in Thornton heath (he calls it the Ghetto! lol) My hubby & other bro was down there yesterday too. It took them 4.5 hrs to get from milton keynes to croydon, m25 was stacked & they had to go through london itself!
    Hiya Maz
    I've bought 2 bottles of Vinylux, gotcha and tropix and I like it. But i need some more colours because im gonna offer this as a service.

    I want a red, darkish purple, dark blue, medium blue and a nude (I'm gonna get the orange and tutti frutti) I prefer ones with a slight shimmer in them apart from the nudes.

    Can you suggest some colours because i only do gelish and im not familiar with cnd colours. Can you help?
    Thanks for the heart and for all your help yesterday! I managed to get my table at last! I just need to get the chairs! (I'm getting a comfy chair like yours for the client) Xx
    I don't have scrub fresh can i use 99% alcohol, ive got some of that.

    I did my first flower (was crap mind you), eek soooo exciting I have a feeling I'm gonna get hooked!

    Can i add you too my friend list? as your lovely and really helpful.
    sorry questions questions just one more thing

    OMG it smells soooooo bad lol, i got the window open. How do you deal with the smell (the upstairs of my house smells of monomer!!)
    so the acrylic liquid you use to clean your brush can you re-use it (put it back in the bottle), I'm guessing no
    Lovely thank you.
    So was the acrylic brush cleaner a waste of money then?

    Can i not still use it as my acrylic liquid is only a mini 7ml one?
    Morning Maz. I'm ready to do some little acrylic flowers onto gel nails.

    I've just got a little trial size pot of white acrylic, liquid & brush cleaner by The Edge, so i think I'm ready to go. So I'm just going to apply a couple of coats of gelish to a pop stick, do i do the top it off first or do i try and create the acrylic flower first on the sticky inhibition layer then once the acrylic is dry cover with top it off.

    Do you have any other tips (I'm gonna look at you tube vids too)

    Claire x
    Thanks for the help, I shall be knocking on your door If i need help when i do these flowers as I'm a complete newbie to acrylic :) x
    Wow, Thank you & thank you again for such a quick reply,

    It didn't seem to want to come up when I cut & pasted it.

    Off to order some now.xxxxxx
    Hi Maz.Do you have the link for

    50 pcs Polish UV Gel Color Pops Display Nail Art Ring Style Nail Tips
    At An Amazing Price!!!they come from Hong Kong cost £2.10 for 50 free shipping and arrived within 2 weeks, I love them and got 100, can't go wrong at that price

    I can't seem to find it & yours look perfect, just what I am looking for.x
    your welcome i always look forward to everyone`s nail art designs and ideas =) stay glam! xo
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