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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Did you copy them? Love to see
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Here are mine done by me x
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    Question about lash shields

    Here's a small lash lift shield
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    What do you charge for lash lift and tint?

    I'm a educator and charge £45 first app and £40 after and that's what I recommend to my students
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    Lash lift working

    I'm a educator and the product I teach is 14 for sachet 1 and half the time for sachet 2 so the op timings are right for her product and training and yes different client will lift differently due to hair type and many other reasons x
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    Mixing colours-khaki?

    Ink london do one called khaki i believe x
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    Please help, which electric nail files do you have?

    I use the crystal nails efile and have for few years with no issues
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    Course recommendation for nails?

    Im around a hour from Berkshire and if looking to do a skill building day i do them.. im a qualified educator and teach abt accredited classes, but as already qualified maybe best to do a skill day to bring you up to date on products and techniques, feel free to message me, im in surrey edge of...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Thank you xx
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    CJP master and beginners comparison

    Its the easiest acrylic ive ever removed... nice and quick just debulk and wrap
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    My nails done by me and all acrylic x. (Little cut is a paper cut not from file lol)
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    Lashlift tape

    Use micro pore tape and if stick just squeeze with finger to remove a little x
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    Lash lift - practical questions

    I have a few of these I use in my salon and when teaching lash lifting so it's perfect
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    CJP master and beginners comparison

    Yep I'm on there as Amanda Graves and Kim's lovely and her nails are fabulous
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    CJP master and beginners comparison

    I have nearly every colour of cjp acrylic and love it... You can use either monomer with all the owners and even if you get the master it's not as quick setting as you may think so don't worry. The set in pic is all cjp. I have used over the years nsi (allergic to it now) CND and acrylink and...