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    sunbronze tan solution?

    i seen this on ebay sunbronze is the name of the product,has lots of diffrent shades so thought i maight give them a try? x
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    sunbronze tan solution?

    hi all i have been looking at sunbronze tan solution and was wondering if any of you try it? and if any of have have opinions on the product? thanks maz x
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    la disco going orange?

    this was 2 weeks ago i sprayed her mind,n i havnt seen her to chat to so once i did i asked n she come out with that! i was like omg!!!!!!! i wud of gone st8 out if she had told me then! she was going on the sunbed (hammering it) i went over the hands once like i normaly do,i was thinking...
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    la disco going orange?

    hi all i spray ed some1 with a la disco who already had a tan but wanted to be darker.... i just asked how it went n she said she was orange! how on eather has this happened? just been talkin a lil bit more n she has said her body was a nnice colour but her hands n feet were bad orange...
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    people unable to tan with spray tan solution?

    hi ladies thanks for your replies! i resprayed her with a 12% and she txt me saying it was a lovly colour! she had defoo done something wrong but wouldnt tell me! i think she got washed in dove and took no notice of my advice! maz x
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    people unable to tan with spray tan solution?

    hi all i sprayed a friend on thursday who is naturaly pale and she opted for a 10% tan,the guide colour went on lovly,i stayed untill she was dry n everyware was coverd ect and the next day i got a text saying she was patchy all over! i was horrified!!! i went dowwn to see what the problem was...
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    tan solution that comes out same as guide?

    hi all at the mo i am using la tan and the bronzers are real dark on the 10 n 12% solutions and i was wondering if any one could recomend a solution that comes out very similar to the actual development colour,people seem to be disopointed when they wash the bronzer off n they are lighter but...
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    Back up spray tan machine

    hi all do any of you have a back up machine incase something goes wrong? a group of my friend sgot together for a bit of a spray tan party and asked me to tan them,my gun was sucking up the solution but nothing cuming out and then once i knowkced the machine off its splatted out in large...
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    Chameleon tan solution?

    hi all have any of you heard or use Chameleon spray tan solution? there is a salon in my area using this and was wondering wht its like? maz x
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    LA disco, advice please

    hi all i was wondering if la disco 18% will be ok to apply to some1 without a base tan or pale skin? ive sprayed a few friends with 12% who are naturaly pale and they turned out lovly! would it be ok to go any higher than a 12% on pale skin? i have a friend who wants to be very very dark...
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    Tan booster drops..highest any1 tan can go?

    its defo not 10 drops per litre i checked lol if people want darker ill do 100ml at a time,i tried it on a friend and worked lovly thanks again maz xxx
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    Tan booster drops..highest any1 tan can go?

    cheers hun the drops i have are add 10 drops to make it 1% higher,i rang the company i bought them from.thanks for the advice hun i had some samples and 1 of my friends have been nice enough to let me spray her legs diffrent shaes of diff solution,we doin a projsct to see which lasts the...
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    Body Builder Spray Tan

    i have had a look on their websiye and cant find the 22% have you got a link please? maz x
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    Tan booster drops..highest any1 tan can go?

    hi hun thank you for your reply! i have 1 client who had a 12 and loved it but wants to be darker and maybe another girl who is after a tan so im undicided on what to do? this coule be 2 tans now and again for when they go out on the weekend could the 12 be made into a % 16 the odd...
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    Tan booster drops..highest any1 tan can go?

    hi all i have 8,10 and 12% solutions and some tan booster drops,how much stronger could i make the 12%? is it best just to make it to a 14% or could it be made higher? or should i just buy a bottle of 16% and can be made higher? maz x