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  • Hi Beth, could you tell me how you get the foil to stay on the embossed gel, I have tried to do this wiping inhibition layer off nail do the gel emboss cure put foil on tacky layer, clear gel and then UV and when I wiped it came off!
    Hi mcbeth hope you don't mind me messaging you you have posted a picture of black french with a lovely star stamp on it, can you tell me if this is a konad stamp and if so what number is it? I would really love to get it ��x
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my album photo.

    Wishing you a very happy Xmas :hug: x
    LOL don't blame you, I hate doing my right hand (I'm right dominant)! Thanks for that, I'll have to give chunky another go :)
    Thanks heaps :) Do you just kind of pat them on? Lol it's sounds silly sorry, but I've really only tried chunky once and it looked great, but it was a bit rough
    Hey just quickly - what is the best method that you've found to apply chunky glitter for Bio? I've just seen your mermaid inspired nails (and love them!!)
    Hmmm, neither of my ladies have ridged nails, but the both have very high upper arches and long nail beds, so just a coincidence I think.
    Like you, I really pride myself on nail health and very gentle removal with strictly Bio only products, I think I will reinforce the cuticle oil use too.
    I don't think my ladies would take a week off, they are too scared of breaking a nail lol :)
    Thanks for getting back to me.i have just researched this on the mainl forum and found that lots of nail te hs are having this problem mostly with shellac and sone with calgel. Gigi said it is a trade off if you want the gel on ie like how you put up with bleach drying out your hair ! I love the led being quicker but it is a shame that some clients are now experiencing this dehydration. Doug schoon says it happens after poor removal but most of the techs experiencing this are like you and me and are very careful with removal a nd cause no damage. The only remedy that is suggested is to really drum it into the clients to use the oil 4 times a day religiously.If it does not go then have a break every now and then for a week and offer a hot oil manicure to rehydrate. One lady actually does a hot oil man after soak off every 5 or 6 times then reapplys the gels straight away and charges extra £10 but I would be worried it would effect the gels. 2 of my clients affected have ridged nails and the other types so bangs her nails alot.Both these were mentioned in the threads as possible causes.Does this apply to your clients ? X
    Hi Beth I was just wondering if you have had any problems with white dehydration patches since you swopped to led.I am finding that some of my clients are getting white patches on their nails after soak off.I am using the nail cconditioner ( the one with the blue balls after soak off and the clients are using their oil most of the time.If they have a break it goes within a day but when they start with the gels again it comes back.I am really careful with soak offs and don't feel like I damage the nail in any way when I do my removals. The only thing I can put it down to is the change to led as it never happened before. Hopw you dont mind me asking only I know that you use the led lamp too.Thanks x
    Thanks Beth thats really helpful and great to hear that they last.Cant wait to try them now !! X
    Hi again.I hope your acrylic painting is going ok.I am thinking of buying some decal paper and printing my own decals but have read that they dont always last that well.I noticed that you have used decals and wondered if you had any advice on using them.Do you find they last ok ? Thanks xx
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