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  • Hi Mcbeth I have used acrylic paint with Bio and yes it works really well.I find the best ones are the folk art or polycolor paints as they are more pigmented but you can use other acrylic paints too. I did try doing a french with acrylic sandwiched between the bio instead of using gel for the colour as I wanted to create a fade in the french and thought it would be easier but it chipped easier at the free edge :-( I think as long as the acrylic paint is sealed all around with the gel it is fine.I find it easier to paint on a lightly buffed surface so I usually put a layer of sealer over the colour lightly buff the shine off then paint with the acrylics then put seaker over the top.Hope that helps happy painting !! x
    Amazing work McBeth. If you ever fancy a teaching trip over here then I'm first in line to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your work. Jx
    Your nail art is amazing. Ive always wanted to do it but never been very artistic, your pics have given me some inspiration.. I might even order a konad/monster plate - any ones you would recommend for a beginner?
    Hi I have commented on your photo with the bm 113 plate. Please can you help me!!!! I tried doing the image today and it was a nightmare.�� I first tried a konad white polish. Nothing it wouldn't pick the design up! Then I tried a silver polish and still no. So I then tried a different konad polish (looked thicker) than the others. And it worked but I need to practise more stamping with it (a little blur) so my question is what polishes do your use with that plate? Well all the bm plates in that bundle? What brand are they please? I am desperate and yours are amazing �� xx
    Hi aimeelovesnails, lol, definately not an expert, just love to do nails! Most of what I have learnt has been from salon geek and practice!
    My method on stamping is clear, colour, colour, S-gel or usual finishing gel, (on some ladies I use clear or sealer) wipe nail, then stamp konad, then apply UV Gel. But its ok to also use sealer, or clear over stamps then wipe and apply top coat polish if you aren't keen on the UV gel ;)
    You look like the bio/konad expert on here! Just practised my stamping and wondered what your bio method was-do you do clear-colour-colour-konad-sealer-flexi? Any tips? Thanks xxxxxxxxxxx
    Thankyou Mcbeth thats really nice of you.It means alot coming from you as your work is amazing ! xxx
    Hi Paula, I take all my photos with my iPhone, and I downloaded an app called iWatermark. The app allows you to create a huge range of watermarks that you can personalise and add to you photos. Its also very simple to use.
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