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  • I have some creams that work wonders for psoriasis and excema. If you let me know your address I can send you some samples. xx
    Hiya! Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear you've had probs with lashes, that's poo! For info, I've been using Novalash and Flirtiesd glue. Novalash is quite different to a lot of glues, the aftercare is completely different - they recommend using oil for make up removal, which is opposite to most of the systems and at the end of the treatment the glue is set with water and air. So if this sounds worth a try in the future, I'd be happy to put a couple of lashes on for you for a trial :) I'm in West Bridgford by the way, anyway near you? Thanks for lash photo comments :) Do you do nails at all? x
    Hi Meekz, searching lash stuff today and noticed that you posted a month or so back that you were looking for someone to do you lashes in Nottingham? Well I would love to do a treatment swap with someone.... thing is I'm still quite new to lashes (20 sets so far) so that may put you off? I've just uploaded some pics of my work on my profile.
    I got the DVD from here

    Eyelash Extensions, Training Instructional DVD

    I'm not planning on selling my copy I'm afraid as I still refer back to it from time to time.

    It's not cheap but it's definitely the best instructional DVD I've seen (although a bit basic if you are already an experienced lasher)
    No didnt get two week follow up was so disappointed put it down to a bad experience and a rip off but would love to try it again but dont want to waste cash ! will do my reseach thou next time thanx

    That kind of price is around the average. Did you have a two week follow up after your first treatment? This would have given you the opportunity to discuss your problems. I don't actually know anyone in the Notts area but make sure you do research and try and get recommendations if you can!

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