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  • please send me some more leaflets when you have time and I'll pass them onto my students, all the very best, love zephyr xxx
    hiya megan, sorry but are you training with nouveau contour??? if so i also have the training manuals that they send out to you before you attend the week course, they charged something like £1000 just for the two files, i obviously do not need them anymore because i know what i need to know and i do think that they charge an astronomical price for the training, so if you are interested in those aswell we could maybe sort something out if thats any help to you . Danielle x
    Hi Megan, the machine is in good condition although it will be needing a service after another few clients, which costs around £90 at nouveau contour, the actual pen is only a year old as i replaced it last year after dropping my original one and breaking it and that cost me £900, I think £1000 is a good offer as like I said I dont do it proffesionally anymore so I could just downgrade to another model. It is up to you then if you want to come and have a look at it. I also have a few needles that you could take along with the machine. Danielle x
    I still have the nail trainer, PM me if you are still interested.
    Thanks x
    You can certainly have the nail trainer - Someone else has asked to buy Nail Class and I'm working on first come, first served so if they duck out - you'll be next. That's the same for the heated mits & booties. Payment can be electronic transfer if you bank online, I have paypal at a push. Let me know.
    Where are you based? I need the heated mits/booties asap - I am in leeds. do you have a mobile I can call you on?
    oooo lovely - what make are they and do you accept paypal? do yu have any other pedi/mani items?

    Im desperate to get rid of this kit bbe, i need to get my money back asap, its cost me £540 and I just dont want to do eyelashes at all. if you are interested u can contact flirties and book a trainer for £100, caroline came out to me that week to my house. and she works sundays. you can make me offer hun but its saving you £150 anyway as they add VAT on xx
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