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  • Hiya huni, :)
    Just looked at your before & after pictures, you have done fab,
    its hard doing them on your own isnt it:rolleyes:?
    how long did it take you? I use gel too I love it soooooo easy,
    Have tryed arcylic how hard was that?:irked:
    how long have you been doing nails? do you do nail art huni :) xx
    thanks Melanie i got it from essential nails i think its just me, i will do it its just sometimes when it squirts water on my designs and ruins them i could go mad..xx
    Why dont you update your profile honey ? then people wont keep asking you if your trained :) have a look at a few others and see what they have put ( thats what i did ) xxx
    no thats fine thanks for the comments,thats why there in there for so that people can comment on them.
    thanks again.xx
    have you done gel nails before ive done acrylic and still have a few powders but not sure whether to buy a sample kit from ebay to try wot do you reckon i should give gels ago if you havent done gels do you know anyone who has ive only got 35 mins to buy the kit on ebay befor the item goes and not sure wot to do
    Hi everybody just need a bit of nail advice if thats ok, ive had acrylic nails on many times before and had gels on once, but beginning to find acrylics are wrecking my nails should i either buy a sample kit of gel and try them myself or go to a salon and get them done properly and pay more for a full set rather than save money and do it myself, when i see people who have had their nails done it looks absolutely gorgeous and i always wonder why mine never turn out that way.

    Any advice would be appreciated thanks melanie.
    Hi Melanie,
    Don't know of anyone wanting to buy the course but if I here anything I will let you know asap....
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